Best quality fanless replacement LED headlight bulb fit for all car 25w 2500lm 6000k on sale from leading China supplier with inexpensive cost, no noise and no extra ballasts or drivers needed, CE certificate compliant, the fanless design ensures L15S LED headlight close to original halogen bulb in size and shorter than LED headlights with fans, thus it is more flexible for installation and it can be installed on almost all vehicle brand and models on the market. Send us inquiry today to get the most favorable LED headlight price !

Technical Parameters
Model No.:LVT-L15S-25W
Dual Beam Sockets:H4, H15, H13, 9004, 9007
Single Beam Sockets:H1, H3, H7, H8, H11, H10, H16, 9012, HB3, HB4, P13W, 5202, PSX24W, PSX26W, 881, D serie
LED brand & type:Automotive industry standard
Rated Power (Watt):25W
Color Temperature.:6000K
Working Voltage:DC11-30V
Rated Current:1.5A
Luminous Flux:2500LM
Viewing Angle(θ):360
Packaging Information:Single Product Net Weight: 150g,
Single Product Gross Weight: 270g,
Inner Box Dimension: 15*13*6 cm,
CTN SIZE: 34*26*25CM,
CTN SIZE: 57.5*40*31CM,

Fanless LED headlight or LED headlight with fan, which one is better ?

Numerous car owners upgrade their factory original headlights by switching halogen headlight bulbs to LED headlight bulbs. These light bulbs give brighter illumination, form ideal beam in both projector and reflector headlights and with a much longer working life than normal halogen headlight bulbs. The only concern of the LED headlight bulbs is too much heat they generate. For this reason, a lot of LED headlight bulbs come with cooling system that allows decreasing temperature level. Modern LED headlight bulbs for low and high beam upgrade their cooling system by fan or fanless devices. So, fanless LED headlight or LED headlight with fan, which one is better ? Let us explain their working principle, advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide which one is better for your automobile wisely.

Reasons why LED headlight need additional cooling system ?

LEDs utilize the light emitting diode itself as well as an integrated microprocessor ( usually combined into the PCB) to provide sufficient light for cars. They generate a lot of excessive heat, if the heat was stuck in the headlight assembly, the assembly will easily became yellow and also the inner parts would be damaged. So, each LED headlight bulb need a cooling system to ensure long life span: either fanless or with a cooling fan.

Working principle of LED headlight with cooling fan

LED headlights that equipped with cooling fan ( some one may call it turbo fan, actually it is the same thing ) use active cooling method. It implies that the fan running and bringing out heat.

Advantages of LED headlight with cooling fan

1. efficient heat radiation;
2. keep the same brightness all the time.

Disadvantages of LED headlight with cooling fan

1. the cooling fan may produces noise, if not well lubricated, the noise may anoying;
2. some LED headlights with cooling fan have big size, they are not very easy to fix into the headlight assembly; also because the big bulb size, they can only fit some car models;
3. if the headlights were not sealed properly, the cooling fans may gather dust;
4. the cooling fan consumes additional power.

Working principle of fanless LED headlight

LED headlights with fanless cooling method, either by braided copper heat sinks, or get cooled by means of alluminum light body ( this is the cooling method Loevet fanless LED headlight adopts ), the heat will be conducted outside naturally. Loevet fanless LED headlight bulb has a smaller size.

Advantage of fanless LED headlight

1. mini size, they can fit into almost all car models;
2. no noise at all;
3. with longer life span, compared to LED headlight with cooling fan;
4. they are more cost effective.

Disadvantage of fanless LED headlight

1. the LED headlight bulb power can’t be too high ( usually rated power should below 30 watts), otherwise the heat can’t radiated timely, so actually fanless LED headlight can’t be too high compared to LED headlight with cooling fan;
2. brightness may drop after hours of running

I hope after reading of above information, you can decide most suitable LED headlight for your car now.

Different Car Models Chosen Guide

In order to ensure our distributors or end buyers only bought the right LED headlight bulb model, LVT Auto has prepared a detailed datasheet on how to choose the right socket type for different vehicle brand and models, please download the datasheet and check on your local computer, tablet or smart phone.


1. Turn off the vehicle, plug out the engine/car key;
2. Open the dust proof cover;
3. Press down the button and take out the car halogen headlight;
4. Installthe LED headlight bracket ( base ) for LED headlight;
5. Install the LED headlight on its bracket;
6. Connect the LED headlight with power supply;
7. Test the LED headlight to see if it workable.