Plug and Play LED Headlights

LED headlights, once, used to be super expensive and unaffordable. So people had to resort to using the cheaper and inefficient version of headlights. But now LED headlights have become accessible and much more affordable.

Why are people more inclined to switching to LED headlights? This is because they have a number of advantages. LED headlights are very easy to install. It doesn’t require you to have prior knowledge or be a mechanic. A set of instructions is always given. LED headlights also have a longer life span. They can last for about 10 years or more. This has the added benefit of easy maintenance. No need to replace your headlight every once a month or two. You’ll be saving money this way. Unlike halogen bulbs, LED lights are very efficient. Halogen bulbs waste 80% of their energy by producing a lot of heat whereas LED do the exact opposite and convert 80% of energy into light. LED lights produce bright rays of light, capable of illuminating a completely dark street. So, it helps in viewing the conditions of the road when there is poor visibility. LED headlights produce light which is white in colour, clearer and intense but does not blind other drivers. Most importantly, LED headlights use less energy from your car and still manage to give out such bright light. It is energy-conservative.

What are Plug and Play LED lights used for

Plug and play LED headlights are portable lights that can easily be inserted and detached. Plug and play LED lights are retrofitted and used in many fixtures and cars. They are mostly put in cars for additional light.

Plug and Play LED lights or LED fixtures?

Plug and play LED lights are the most efficient way to conserve energy and are very easy to maintain. Here are a few benefits of Plug and Play LED Headlights:

  • Easy installation
  • Efficient
  • Long lasting life
  • No need to modify the fixtures
  • Easy to replace

LED fixtures have one of the most long-lasting life. Here are a few benefits of LED fixtures:

  • Long-lasting life, much more than Plug and Play Lights.
  • Controls such as dimming is easy
  • Lower maximum fixture wattage

However it has some cons as well.

  • Difficult and more expensive to install
  • Up-front cost is high
  • Difficulty in upgrading in the future

When choosing between LED fixtures or Plug and Play, there are a few questions you should keep in mind.

  • Is your work related to a construction project or remodelling? If your work is related to a construction project, LED fixture is your best option.
  • Do the light fixtures need to be repaired?
  • Any specific control you need to meet, based on the building’s code? A requirement that you may need to meet may be involved with lighting controls. Such controls are addressed more efficiently by LED fixtures.
  • Are rebates involved?

LED fixtures may be good options for buildings but not cars. Plug and Play headlights such as HIKARI LED conversion kit which give out 9600 lumens and Simdevanma All-in-one which gives out 8000 lumens are more suited for cars than buildings.

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