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Do You Need to Buy Extra CANBus Decoder Upgrade LED Headlight?

Do You Need to Buy Extra CANBus Decoder Upgrade LED Headlight? Nowadays, major car manufacturers equip their vehicles with CANBus control. An abbreviation for Controlled Area Network Bus, it is a communication system for the multiple electrical components in a modern vehicle. It allows them to effectively share data. Today’s vehicles feature almost 70 electronic […]

Plug and Play LED Headlights

LED headlights, once, used to be super expensive and unaffordable. So people had to resort to using the cheaper and inefficient version of headlights. But now LED headlights have become accessible and much more affordable. Why are people more inclined to switching to LED headlights? This is because they have a number of advantages. LED […]

LED Headlights versus HID Headlights

Mostly every driver nowadays chooses LED headlights because of their many superior qualities. LED headlights became a fan favorite after their introduction. They are cheaper to buy and can last for more than twenty years. The market for LED lights experienced a boom in the previous decade as people started shifting from halogen and HID […]

Halogen or LED headlight bulbs, which one is the better choice ?

The automobile industry is constantly changing and innovations are making it better and tech-savvy every day. Every now and then the market has to offer a new, technologically more innovative and better product for very part and aspect of a car. Even if you talk about the headlights of a car you will see innovative […]

Why LED Headlights Are Better Than Halogen Lights

LED headlights are a newer technology as compared to halogen and other lights. When LED headlights were first introduced people were a bit slow to warm up to them because they were expensive and dangerous. Now, times have changed LED headlights are affordable and are a better choice as compared to older models. LED headlights […]

How Do Auto LED Headlights Work ?

The world has shifted from other headlights to LED headlights and this can be seen with the boom in the market for auto LED headlights. They have taken over the world. We all are mostly aware of the benefits LED. They are fuel efficient and can work for more than two decades. LED headlights are […]

Which led headlight suits your car ?

Whether compared with performance or appearance, LED headlights are superior than incandescent headlight, but which led headlight suits your car? LED headlights divide into fanless led headlight and LED headlamp with fan, if you always need to drive your car for long distance or you are a travel enthusiast, you should choose LED headlights with […]