Why LED Headlights Are Better Than Halogen Lights

LED headlights are a newer technology as compared to halogen and other lights. When LED headlights were first introduced people were a bit slow to warm up to them because they were expensive and dangerous. Now, times have changed LED headlights are affordable and are a better choice as compared to older models. LED headlights also have experienced a boom in the past years as drivers prefer their sharp and piercing beam as compared to halogens yellow and dull beam.

People more than often get confused because there are a lot of options available in the headlight market. There are so many different technologies and all of these technologies have different flaws and benefits. We are going to discuss the two main headlight technologies, LED and halogen.

The Advantages of LED Headlight:

1) They Have a Brighter Light

LED is a newest technology in the market. LED head lights have a better and brighter beam as compared to other technologies. They produce a whiter and sharper beam. LED headlights get instantly turned on and they do not flicker. They have a focused sharp beam. You can dim LED lights if you want to, their brightness level can be controlled.

2) Saves Money and Fuel

You can save money and fuel by shifting to LED headlights from halogen as they consume less than 60 percent of the energy as compared to halogen headlights. Saving energy means that your fuel is being used efficiently and efficient use of fuel means that you are saving money. They produce better light while consuming lesser fuel. LED headlights are better and more efficient as compared to halogen lights.

3) Easy to Install and Manage

LED headlights are very easy to install and you can install them in your car yourself. You won’t need the services of a mechanic as there is no technical knowledge required. This means you save the money you could have spent on hiring a mechanic. LED headlight also lasts for a longer time as compared to halogen lights. Halogen lights tend to only last for 20,000 hours while LED lights can work for more than 50,000 hours. LED lights are also low-maintenance and you don’t have to replace them after some time.

Advantages of Halogen Headlights:

1) Cheaper to Buy and Maintain

Halogen lights are one of the most common headlights as they are an old technology. They are cheaper to buy as they are very cheap to manufacture. You can replace your old bulbs yourself.

2) Easy to Install

Halogen bulbs are very easy to install as all you will have to do is twist them in place. You won’t have to spend money on hiring a mechanic. They have small lifetimes but this is overcome by the fact that they are very cheap to replace. Halogen bulbs can work for more than 500 hours.

Our Final Take:

In the end, we reach the conclusion that LED lights are better in more than one ways. You should invest in them as they are a long-term investment. We hope we answered all your questions. If you found this informational, then please do comment and share.

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