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LVT Will Attend Global Sources Electronics Fair on 11-14 Oct 2018 in HK

LVT AUTO will attend Global Sources Electronics Fair held in Asia World Expo, Hong Kong during 11-14th Oct, 2018, our booth number is : 1H43, we will bring our newest L10 series, L15 series, L15 series LED headlight together with other hot sale LED head light models with us, we wish to meet you on the fair and have a face to face talk, and discuss further business opportunities.

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H13 car LED headlight bulbs

Why car LED headlight bulbs are more and more popular ?

LED car headlights are gaining popularity as manufacturers and car owners prefer cheaper and more efficient bulbs. Replacing halogen headlights with LED headlights can lead to a better driving experience, and the price of these once expensive LED headlights is getting cheaper and cheaper, and the cost of upgrading is getting lower and lower. Below are some significant advantages of LED headlights.

Easy to install

The LED headlight kit is easy to install and you don’t need to be a mechanic or have any specific technical skills to install it on your own car. In fact, the LED headlights can be installed with a minimum of tools, which takes about 20-30 minutes, saving the labor cost of installing the headlights. Or, if you’re not good at installing these, you can also bring your kit to any mechanic who will be able to install these LED car headlight kits for you at low cost. All of LVT LED headlight kits come with complete installation instructions to guide you through the process of installing LED headlights.

Easy to maintain, lower running cost

Unlike halogen bulbs, halogen bulbs need to be replaced from time to time, and designed to run for up to 5,000 hours in a car. The LED headlights are stable in quality and have a long life span of at least 30,000 working hours. Using LED headlights will allow user with continuous savings in parts and maintenance costs due to their long service life. In the long run, the cost of LED headlights will be much lower than halogen headlight although LED headlights purchasing cost seems several times higher than halogen headlights.

More efficient lighting

In terms of the brightness produced by LED headlights, it is significantly more efficient than halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs consume 80% of the energy, producing 20% ​​of the light. LEDs convert 80% of the energy they use directly into light, waste only 20% in the process, and the efficiency is significantly improved.

Safer to use

Consider night driving scenes or foggy road conditions. Halogen lamp shines a faint yellow light only a few feet in front of the road, and even reflects a dense fog, but LED headlight produces a more penetrating white light. This makes the driving conditions ahead clearer and makes it easier to see upfront under fog and other undesirable visibility conditions. As a result, car owners installing LED headlights have more time to cope with the changing conditions ahead, so they can be as safe as possible on the road.

These are just some of the reasons why more car owners choose to switch to LED headlights, and industry forecasts are expected to turn to LED headlights in the next few years. For any car, to get a long term, efficient, high quality lighting solution, choose LED headlamps instead of standard halogen headlight bulbs is the right choice.

If you are an auto parts reseller, distributor or importer considering to import LED headlights from China, please don’t hesitate to contact LVT AUTO, our quality LED headlight and perfect service will ease you all the time. Please email [email protected] in case of any LED headlight requirements.

can bus decoder

Do You Need to Buy Extra CANBus Decoder Upgrade LED Headlight?

Do You Need to Buy Extra CANBus Decoder Upgrade LED Headlight?

Nowadays, major car manufacturers equip their vehicles with CANBus control. An abbreviation for Controlled Area Network Bus, it is a communication system for the multiple electrical components in a modern vehicle. It allows them to effectively share data.

Today’s vehicles feature almost 70 electronic control units or ECUs. Among these, the engine control module is the most significant processor. Others are used for airbags, transmission, electric power steering, windows, doors, stereo systems, airbags, etc. The CANBus system supports these components to communicate with each other and initiate feedback from the sensors.

Why a CANBus System for the Modern Vehicles?

In the traditional or older models of vehicles, a lot of cabling was required to manage effective communication among all the components. This much cabling did not offer an efficient system. The CANBus system allows for fast communication without the need for excessive cabling. Manufacturers like BMW, Honda, Toyota, Audi, and more have been making vehicle models equipped with the CANBus since 2000.

The CANBus Error Problem

As a driver, you might experience a CANBus error when you install an aftermarket electronic device in the car. This often happens when you install a traditional aftermarket part on a CANBus-supported vehicle. The communication system fails. For example, you replace the regular halogen headlight with LED, the car computer will show an error or the light bulb will keep flashing. This is your vehicle indicating a CANBus error. This is why installing aftermarket parts for this type of car can take time and is a bit tricky.

How to Solve the CANBus Error?

If you are experiencing the CANBus error as you upgrade your headlight to LED, you have two solutions. You can either purchase CANBus-supported LED headlights or install a decoder.

Loevet CANBus LED Headlights

These LED headlights are directly compatible with the CANBus system. If you install these, there is no need for an extra part to make them work properly with the vehicle. They can be installed without an error message for both the reverse and license plate lights.

The CANBus-supported LED headlights work on the basis of their in-built CANBus controllers. These controllers increase the wattage of the of the LED bulbs to the level of regular filament bulbs. This function will trick the car computer to believe that the new headlights are compatible with the vehicle just like the ones installed by the manufacturer. This effectively eliminates the error message. Additionally, you will also enjoy a bright light output.

The CANBus Decoder

If you think buying the directly compatible CANBus LED headlights is not a feasible solution, you can install a decoder. This will be an additional part to your regular LED headlights.

You might want to get the extra decoder if the following problems persist with your car after an LED headlight installation:

  • The bulbs keep flashing when you try to switch on the bulbs
  • The car’s computer system keeps indicating an error
  • The bulbs stay lit for a while even after you have switched them off
  • The bulbs give off a dim light unlike the bright throw of LEDs

How Does a CANBus Decoder work?

The technology of the decoder is not only to increase the wattage of the LED bulbs but send a signal to the CANBus system of the car. Most of the times the afterpart LED headlights fail to work because their power does not reach the minimum requirement of the installed CANBus system. On the other hand, the signal has been found to be a problem as well.

In a CANBus-supported vehicle, the system sends out a signal to the bulbs installed by the manufacturer in the headlights, in return, the headlights are supposed to send this original signal back to the system. This complete a certain circuit and the headlight work properly. In an afterpart LED headlight installation, this loop could be failing to complete. This activates the computer system to indicate an error.

The decoder’s job is to support the LED lights to send the signal back as received from the CANBus system. Once the loop of the circuit has been completed, the new LED lights will work just fine.

Vehicles Requiring the LED Upgrade CANBus Decoder

The following types of vehicles may require the extra decoder installation for the upgrade to LED headlights to work properly:

  • Most German vehicles work on electronic decoding. In this situating, the CANBus system of the car will check for the lights to have decoding as you turn them on. In some of the models, the system also inspects for the working power of the lights. For this, you will also need to install a resistor to meet the required power demand
  • Some cars use pulse power, which is helpful in reducing the heat of the halogen bulbs installed in the headlights. This reduces the burden on the battery; increasing its life. However, the LED bulbs will need a constant current supply, which the pulse power system can’t do. You will notice that the headlights keep flashing or flash and turn off after you install the upgrade and turn on the lights. A decoder of high capacitance will be needed to meet the constant current demand
  • Some Toyota models have a high bean signal light. The decoder can help turn it on with the support of an electronic component within it

You might want to get the LED headlights because they provide better functionality in terms of brightness. They also reduce the effort of the battery by consuming less power. Although, the afterparts installation on a modern vehicle can cause the above-mentioned issues due to the presence of the CANBus system. With the help of a decoder, you can eliminate the issue and make the upgrade work effectively. You should consult a car expert for the LED upgrade and they will be able to provide better advice about either installing directly compatible LED lights or the decoder to go with the regular LED headlights afterpart.

Plug and Play LED Headlights

LED headlights, once, used to be super expensive and unaffordable. So people had to resort to using the cheaper and inefficient version of headlights. But now LED headlights have become accessible and much more affordable.

Why are people more inclined to switching to LED headlights? This is because they have a number of advantages. LED headlights are very easy to install. It doesn’t require you to have prior knowledge or be a mechanic. A set of instructions is always given. LED headlights also have a longer life span. They can last for about 10 years or more. This has the added benefit of easy maintenance. No need to replace your headlight every once a month or two. You’ll be saving money this way. Unlike halogen bulbs, LED lights are very efficient. Halogen bulbs waste 80% of their energy by producing a lot of heat whereas LED do the exact opposite and convert 80% of energy into light. LED lights produce bright rays of light, capable of illuminating a completely dark street. So, it helps in viewing the conditions of the road when there is poor visibility. LED headlights produce light which is white in colour, clearer and intense but does not blind other drivers. Most importantly, LED headlights use less energy from your car and still manage to give out such bright light. It is energy-conservative.

What are Plug and Play LED lights used for

Plug and play LED headlights are portable lights that can easily be inserted and detached. Plug and play LED lights are retrofitted and used in many fixtures and cars. They are mostly put in cars for additional light.

Plug and Play LED lights or LED fixtures?

Plug and play LED lights are the most efficient way to conserve energy and are very easy to maintain. Here are a few benefits of Plug and Play LED Headlights:

  • Easy installation
  • Efficient
  • Long lasting life
  • No need to modify the fixtures
  • Easy to replace

LED fixtures have one of the most long-lasting life. Here are a few benefits of LED fixtures:

  • Long-lasting life, much more than Plug and Play Lights.
  • Controls such as dimming is easy
  • Lower maximum fixture wattage

However it has some cons as well.

  • Difficult and more expensive to install
  • Up-front cost is high
  • Difficulty in upgrading in the future

When choosing between LED fixtures or Plug and Play, there are a few questions you should keep in mind.

  • Is your work related to a construction project or remodelling? If your work is related to a construction project, LED fixture is your best option.
  • Do the light fixtures need to be repaired?
  • Any specific control you need to meet, based on the building’s code? A requirement that you may need to meet may be involved with lighting controls. Such controls are addressed more efficiently by LED fixtures.
  • Are rebates involved?

LED fixtures may be good options for buildings but not cars. Plug and Play headlights such as HIKARI LED conversion kit which give out 9600 lumens and Simdevanma All-in-one which gives out 8000 lumens are more suited for cars than buildings.

LED Headlights versus HID Headlights

Mostly every driver nowadays chooses LED headlights because of their many superior qualities. LED headlights became a fan favorite after their introduction. They are cheaper to buy and can last for more than twenty years. The market for LED lights experienced a boom in the previous decade as people started shifting from halogen and HID headlights to LED headlights.

The light of LED headlights is clearer and sharper as compared to other lights. LED’s in the longer run are perfectly safe if you take a few precautions. These lights are a better choice as they are a newer model and they use less energy. LED lights are a long-term investment as they can work for more than 50,000 hours. They are sharper so they can pierce through fog and dust and can help you see more clearly

The Advantages of LED lights:

1) Whiter Light

LED is a new technology. LED lights have a brighter beam. They produce a whiter and sharper beam. LED headlights do not flicker. You don’t have to wait long for them to turn on. The brightness level of LED can be controlled.

2) Easy to Install and Manage

LED lights are very easy to install and you can install them in your car by yourself. You don’t need to employ a mechanic as there is no technical knowledge required. This means you can save money by not calling a mechanic. LED light also lasts for a longer time as compared to HID lights. LED lights can work for more than 50,000 hours. LED lights are also low-maintenance and you don’t have to replace them after few years.

3) Save Money and Fuel

You can save money and fuel by shifting to LED headlights from HID as they consume of the energy. Saving energy means that your fuel is being efficiently used and efficient use of fuel means that you are saving money. They produce better light while consuming lesser fuel. LED lights are better and more efficient as compared to HID lights.

Advantages of Using HID lights:

1) They Look More Attractive

HID lights have this classy look to them that makes the car look more attractive. They are beautiful lights which were firstly quite expensive but now they have become affordable. They consume less energy as compared to Halogen lights and they have a bigger life.

2) Cheaper To Buy

They are cheaper to buy and they give this precise and sharp light. Their light is sharper and they have a focused beam. They don’t irritate other drivers and you can invest in them. HID lights are an investment that you surely won’t regret. These lights also consume less energy and fuel as compared with Halogen.

Our Final Take:

In the end, we reach the conclusion that LED lights are better in more than one ways. You should invest in them as they are a long-term investment. We hope we answered all your questions. If you found this informational, then please do comment and share.

Halogen or LED headlight bulbs, which one is the better choice ?

The automobile industry is constantly changing and innovations are making it better and tech-savvy every day. Every now and then the market has to offer a new, technologically more innovative and better product for very part and aspect of a car.

Even if you talk about the headlights of a car you will see innovative ways in which the headlights are being designed and installed in the designated portion of the car. Now-a-days, we have different types of headlights which have different mechanisms that generate and emit light. Their range, intensity and even colour are of different type. These types of headlights are classified into halogen headlights, LED headlights and HID headlights.

In this article we will talk about which type of headlights are better to use; halogen headlight or LED headlights. Before jumping to any conclusions we must understand first hoe both of these headlights work and what are their pros and cons:

Halogen Headlights

Halogen headlights are the cheapest in the market. Halogen headlights consist of an incandescent light bulb which is made up of a tungsten filament plus a small amount of a halogen gas is used in the bulb which is mostly Argon. When current is passed through the tungsten filament, it heats up and glows. The halogen gas used in the bulb re-deposits the evaporated tungsten back on the filament. This not only increases the brightness but also the lifespan of the bulb. Halogen headlight bulbs emit a lot of heat energy due to which they feel hot when touched.

Halogen headlight bulbs have a fast starting time and uniform light. The best feature of halogen headlights is that they have a very strong ability of lighting penetration like if thrown towards a forest they can bleed into the woods a bit.

LED Headlights

LED headlights generate a much brighter light and operate by transferring current through a semi-conductor which emits photons generating light. They do not produce heat as much as halogen headlights, thus making the LED headlights have an indefinite lifespan. LED headlights are larger than halogen headlights as they require extra heat sinks and fans. LED headlights emit a whiter light and work on much lower voltage (DC 12V) than halogen headlights. So you don’t have to worry about high voltage danger of up to 20,000V. Along with innovative communication systems in the cars, cooling systems and extra electronics for correct functioning and liaisoning with the system, makes the LED headlights bulky ,more complex and costly which can chuck away a great portion of your money.

Halogen v/s LED Headlights

  • LED headlights are brighter making visibility for a longer distance and last longer than Halogen headlights.
  • LED headlights extra brightness is near borderline to dangerous as it blinds the other cars which is no less hazardous than not to see the road for you.
  • Due to LED headlights complexity they are much expensive than the Halogen headlights.
  • LED headlights have a floodlight pattern, they do not have a penetrating light as the halogen headlights have.
  • LED headlights do not take up much voltage resulting in longer battery life.
  • In some jurisdictions replacing halogen headlights with LED lights are deemed illegal, so before you want to change from halogen headlights to LED headlights you should get up to date on local laws.


The intensity of LED headlights is great and put much less strain on your car battery. But due to the hazards it can put on your and other people’s lives and the amount of money it takes to install LED headlights. In my opinion, LED headlights are better than halogen headlights due to their longevity and other benefits. You just have to keep in mind that the LED headlights you are installing are DOT and SAE certified.

Why LED Headlights Are Better Than Halogen Lights

LED headlights are a newer technology as compared to halogen and other lights. When LED headlights were first introduced people were a bit slow to warm up to them because they were expensive and dangerous. Now, times have changed LED headlights are affordable and are a better choice as compared to older models. LED headlights also have experienced a boom in the past years as drivers prefer their sharp and piercing beam as compared to halogens yellow and dull beam.

People more than often get confused because there are a lot of options available in the headlight market. There are so many different technologies and all of these technologies have different flaws and benefits. We are going to discuss the two main headlight technologies, LED and halogen.

The Advantages of LED Headlight:

1) They Have a Brighter Light

LED is a newest technology in the market. LED head lights have a better and brighter beam as compared to other technologies. They produce a whiter and sharper beam. LED headlights get instantly turned on and they do not flicker. They have a focused sharp beam. You can dim LED lights if you want to, their brightness level can be controlled.

2) Saves Money and Fuel

You can save money and fuel by shifting to LED headlights from halogen as they consume less than 60 percent of the energy as compared to halogen headlights. Saving energy means that your fuel is being used efficiently and efficient use of fuel means that you are saving money. They produce better light while consuming lesser fuel. LED headlights are better and more efficient as compared to halogen lights.

3) Easy to Install and Manage

LED headlights are very easy to install and you can install them in your car yourself. You won’t need the services of a mechanic as there is no technical knowledge required. This means you save the money you could have spent on hiring a mechanic. LED headlight also lasts for a longer time as compared to halogen lights. Halogen lights tend to only last for 20,000 hours while LED lights can work for more than 50,000 hours. LED lights are also low-maintenance and you don’t have to replace them after some time.

Advantages of Halogen Headlights:

1) Cheaper to Buy and Maintain

Halogen lights are one of the most common headlights as they are an old technology. They are cheaper to buy as they are very cheap to manufacture. You can replace your old bulbs yourself.

2) Easy to Install

Halogen bulbs are very easy to install as all you will have to do is twist them in place. You won’t have to spend money on hiring a mechanic. They have small lifetimes but this is overcome by the fact that they are very cheap to replace. Halogen bulbs can work for more than 500 hours.

Our Final Take:

In the end, we reach the conclusion that LED lights are better in more than one ways. You should invest in them as they are a long-term investment. We hope we answered all your questions. If you found this informational, then please do comment and share.

How Do Auto LED Headlights Work ?

The world has shifted from other headlights to LED headlights and this can be seen with the boom in the market for auto LED headlights. They have taken over the world. We all are mostly aware of the benefits LED. They are fuel efficient and can work for more than two decades.
LED headlights are affordable and have a brighter and sharper beam than as compared to HDI lights. LED headlights are a long-term investment as they can work for more than 50,000 hours. LED headlights are sharper so they can pierce through fog and dust and can help you see more clearly.
How do LED lights work?
A Light-emitting diode is a semiconductor of a light source. It releases light when it gets activated. The Light-emitting diodes are just like small bulbs. They are being used in everything, from televisions to watches. They emit light when a movement of electrons occurs. Unlike other forms of lighting LED makes it light from a solid material known as a semiconductor. Light is produced when the electrons get excited. LED technology is often called the best as it can last for long time periods and it also doesn’t have the same flaws as the previous technologies.
LED lights had two disadvantages that were stopping them from being a household item. One, they were really costly and two, their color wasn’t exactly perfect. Both of these flaws have now been overcome as the cost of producing them as decreased.
LED headlights are preferred over other headlights as they don’t heat up and can last for longer time periods. We are going to discuss few of the benefits of choosing LED headlights instead of HID.
1) LED Headlights are brighter
A lot of development has taken place in the LED market. They have improved and taken care of all the flaws. The LED headlight is the obvious choice when you should choose your headlights as LED lights are brighter than all the other older headlights. Some of the older ones had yellow lights and some of them couldn’t focus, LED takes the same amount of energy as halogen headlights but gives a brighter and sharper light.
2) LED Headlights save Energy and Money
LED lights can save energy as they don’t burn as much fuel as other types of headlights. Other headlights require getting changed after a while but the same is not true for LED lights. These lights can last for longer periods of time and thus save you money.
The Best LED Headlight to invest in is the H4 LED light bulb with 50W 6800 Lumen and 100w with 13600 lumen and Cree chips. It has a vacuum red copper thermal tube which ensures that it lasts longer. It has been manufactured using the newest technology so it doesn’t heat up and has a 2.5mm ultra-thin LED focus design with anti-glare coated on it. It comes in a small size and does not affect the car’s audio system. It also has a better light focus and consumes less power.
We hope you understood how LED headlights work and that you found this article informational. If you liked it, then please do comment and share.

Which led headlight suits your car ?

Whether compared with performance or appearance, LED headlights are superior than incandescent headlight, but which led headlight suits your car?

LED headlights divide into fanless led headlight and LED headlamp with fan, if you always need to drive your car for long distance or you are a travel enthusiast, you should choose LED headlights with fan for your vehicle to ensure your headlight always in a suitable temperature during this long time driving, but if you just drive your car go to work or send your daughter to school, I advise you choose fanless LED headlamps for your vehicle, fanless led headlight is cheaper than LED headlights with fan and if you still worry about the temperature problem, you can choose the fanless led headlights with aluminium heat dissipation system.

Of course, you also need to pay attention to an important component of LED headlights – led chip, which is one of the most expensive part of LED headlamps, there are some famous chip brands such as CREE LED chip, OSRAM LED chip, NICHIA LED chip and so on, quality China LED headlight manufacturer always use Taiwan LED chip for their headlights, Taiwan LED chip is a cost-effective choice for manufacturing led headlights.

Choosing quality headlights will make your car increase a good lighting assistant. LED headlights can light your roadway in a long distance in a rainy or fogy day, with high brightness and low energy consumption, make your vision clear on the driving way, bring you a good vision experience, with fast starting time, give you a best user experience.